You Crossed The Line

The day had finally arrived. After weeks of preparation and nerves building up, I found myself on my way to the Hamptons, alongside Nicole, after rushing to make the train. As we pulled up to the grand estate, a beach house that belonged to one of the big wigs in American Primetime TV, the view of the water from the second-floor balcony was mesmerizing. I could feel my heart racing as we were led into a lavish room, with a round table in the center. As we took our seats, the “man in a 3-piece suit” introduced me to his superiors, who began to ask me questions and delve deeper into my work. I remained composed and answered each question to the best of my ability. They seemed to be impressed with my professionalism and attitude, and before I knew it, they were offering me a role in their operation. The role was initially promised to the “man in a 3-piece suit,” which did not sit well with him. Nevertheless, I could feel the excitement building inside me as I realized that this opportunity could change everything for me. As the meeting ended, both gentlemen pulled me aside to talk to me privately. One offered me another role, as musician and actor, in a big production he was launching in Las Vegas, an opportunity that I knew would lead to even more doors opening for me. The other, however, drew a line in the sand and uttered words that sent shivers down my spine. He said, “you look like you just crossed the line.” With the oath I made lingering in the back of my mind, I felt he could see right through me. The magnitude of that moment weighed heavily on me during the ride home, and I broke out into tears inside of the train cart, remembering everything that I had done to lead me to that moment.

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