Yings and Yangs

Conversations on this particular night brought forth a stronger sense of clarity within my group, and both my brother and close friend came to understand more about me than they ever have before. We booked studio time with the intent of laying down numerous tracks, which we did in epic fashion. But more importantly than the music, we took the time in between each session to engage in deep conversations, finding the root of each of our origin stories, comparing the yings and the yangs, if you will. For me, personally, the idea of “signing my name in blood” had become almost folklore, and the blanks in the story had been filled in by the imaginations of those who had come to know this truth. But as with all things, time grants us the gift of clarity, and as I sat with my bros in the blue-lit studio room, I explained what truly happened that night. Upon getting disfellowshipped from the Jehovah’s Witnesses all those years ago, I had dove into my research, dead-set on uncovering the truth of not just this religion, but all religion. In the process, the occult world had exposed itself to me in ways I perhaps wasn’t ready to see, and the truth of the matter cast it’s spell on me. In the world of entertainment, it is not coincidence that top-tier entertainers are often linked to demonic possession, especially when you understand the “why”. Spirits would make pacts with humans, and in exchange for this “friendship” of sorts, the human would become the vessel in which the spirit can experience earthly worship. Hence, there are various examples of artists transforming on stage, seemingly possessed, while giving an out-of-this-world performance. One hand washes the other, or so it seems. What happened that night, the night I did what I did, was my declaration that I would, in fact, agree to be a vessel for the spirit who deemed me worthy. In doing so, my life has led me to the exact point that I am at this moment. All the surrounding factors have become crystal clear to me; all but one. “Who is helping me?”. I make reference to the fact that my conversations with deity continue to happen on a daily basis, and the context in which I speak of often remains unchanged. The only thing that changes is who I believe I am addressing. I don’t think I’ll ever know, not in this life at least. But whether it is good or evil, God or the Devil, angels or demons, I continue to move forward every day with the understanding that there is no going back for me. I will see this through. I am ready and willing.

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