Yeah We're Good

It was a beautiful day outside, and my heart was filled with a sense of tranquility and peace that I hadn’t felt in years. I glided across the wooden floor of my kitchen, the scent of freshly brewed coffee enveloping me like a gentle embrace. As I poured myself a cup, my thoughts drifted back to the high-stakes meeting I just had yesterday. The memory of it still vivid, I couldn’t help but re-read my emails, searching for any indication that it might have all been a dream. But no, it was real – a testament to how far I had come. In those darker days of addiction and alcoholism, I had been a lump of coal, suffocating under the weight of my own vices. But now, through perseverance and the unwavering support of my loved ones, I had transformed into a diamond. I could feel myself shining brightly, my brilliance reflecting the light that life had to offer. As the afternoon arrived, I decided to take my daughter with me on a trip back to Bushwick, where we would visit my mother’s house. The familiar streets stirred memories within me, a heavy dose of nostalgia settling in my chest. Upon arriving, I watched my daughter and mother interact, their laughter and love filling the room. I felt a surge of gratitude for the family I had, and for the journey that had led me to this point. My eyes were drawn to the old photo albums that lined the shelves, each one a treasure trove of memories. With my phone battery dwindling, I flipped through the pages, capturing each snapshot of my past with the lens of my camera. The images offered a glimpse into a world I had long since left behind, yet still held close to my heart. As my phone beeped, indicating a low battery, a message from Storm appeared on the screen. It was an invitation to a celebrity client’s birthday party – an exciting event that I knew would test my resolve. In that moment, standing in my mother’s dining room surrounded by echoes of the past, I felt the weight of the two worlds I now straddled. I had come so far, achieving more than most people from my old neighborhood could have imagined. I texted my wife and confirmed our plans for the evening, my thoughts turning to the challenges that lay ahead. Sobriety was my anchor, and I knew the party would be a battleground where temptation would rear its ugly head. Yet, I was confident in my newfound strength and determination. As I prepared to leave, I looked into my daughter’s eyes, and I knew we would be alright. Every triumph and every heartache had a purpose, shaping me into the man I had become.

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