Trying to get my feet back beneath me, I went looking for inspiration in the very section of Guitar Center I was managing. Scanning the DVDs, I found a copy of John Mayer’s “Where The Light Is”, which I quickly purchased for myself. Having a TV and DVD player hung above the guitar strings, John Mayer’s face and voice became a staple of my department, as I played the video continuously from opening to close. I would bring the DVD home with me, and watch enthusiastically on my PlayStation 2. Javi Pardo, a friend of mine who managed the drum department, also purchased the same copy and followed along. Between us both, John Mayer seemed to be the #1 sponsor of Guitar Center Queens. Playing 3 separate shows in 1, Mayer’s performance at Nikon Theater made me feel as though my music career was beginning, not ending. The jolt of adrenaline I would feel watching his final solo on “Gravity” gave me all the juice I would need to get my chops back. I refused to let the world bring me down, and started becoming hyperfocused on becoming a better artist. The relationship situation remained on shaky grounds, but I found a way to find some balance in my emotions and didn’t let it deter me from my ultimate goal.

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