What More Can I Say?

It comes down to the money. I used to believe that if I were born into a wealthy family, then I would’ve conquered the world long ago. But the truth is that I was molded by my struggle. I became who I am because I had no choice but to. I spent my youth locked in my bedroom, teaching myself things that I had never learned in school, things that would ultimately shape my life and put me in the position that I am in. Having talent is one thing. Being useful to others is what has allowed me to navigate every industry that I’ve entered, and thrive. So one could only imagine how it would feel to be in every room you needed to be in, have every connection you needed to have, all the talent and know-how that God could possibly give someone, and still need a day job. But like I said, it comes down to the money. I had spread myself so thin in previous years, focusing on quantity over quality when it came to creating multiple streams of income. Yet, I was never able to escape the debt that my 15 years of alcoholism put me in. I’ve spent more than I ever had, and because of my lack of financial knowledge, I had always relied on “making it big” to repay all my debts, and continue forward bypassing poverty through the sheer knowledge that I had accumulated throughout all my years on this journey. I never had to pay anyone to do anything for me, because I already knew how to do it. My earliest years, hand-coding HTML in Notepad, opening static HTML files on my desktop, featuring amateur graphics produced in Photoshop 6.0, seem to have all served a purpose. I’ve become a monster, the ultimate weapon for anyone likeminded in pursuit of the ultimate goal. But with all of this, I want you to remember one thing. When you see me, whether on stage or on TV, know that you are witnessing the product of everyday. I’m an everyday kind of guy. When I drank, I drank everyday. When I got sober, I had to be sober everyday. When I wake up believing that I was destined to take over the world, I wake up believing this everyday. The work never stops. My mind never stops thinking, and with every thought, another reality is manifested through my actions.

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