Welcome To The Hamster Wheel

I tried my best to keep Brenna happy from afar, but it seemed impossible with the world on my shoulders. After the news of Nicole’s transfer to hospice sank in, I realized I had to double my efforts. “Nothing is going to happen to her if I have anything to say about it.” Ego and alcohol-fueled, I began to believe that efforts to raise money for her cancer treatments would be the very thing that saved her life. A die-hard WuTang fan, I asked Storm to use his connections to speak with them on her behalf, trying anything and everything to breathe new life into Nicole’s dying body. I knew it was a long shot, but I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. I had to give it everything I had, no matter how improbable the outcome. I sat at a diner with Brenna, trying to keep my composure as the pressure of the situation began to crush me. I could see the worry etched on her face as I relayed the latest updates on Nicole’s condition. I couldn’t shake the overwhelming feeling of responsibility. I had made a promise to Nicole, and I was determined to keep it. I found myself stretched thin, juggling the demands of the fundraiser, my responsibilities at Purfek Storm Group, and my role as a husband. Sleep was a luxury I could no longer afford, and my thoughts were consumed with the ticking clock, counting down the days until I had successfully saved Nicole’s life.

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