Being back at Purfek Storm Group was like a whirlwind, an unexpected surprise that altered the course of my life and career. Suddenly, I was deeply entrenched in the celebrity world, and Dominate The Globe became not only a showcase of my past achievements but also a reflection of my present endeavors. I wasted no time, diving headfirst into revamping the Purfek Storm website, giving it the polished look it deserved. Managing the careers of stars like HAVOC of Mobb Deep, Ky-Mani Marley, Iman Shumpert, and Blac Chyna, to name a few, meant not only bringing their creative visions to life but also growing as an entertainer myself. Dominate The Globe was my platform, my stage to share my story and demonstrate my determination to rise. As I scoured the internet for something comparable to my life story in blog format, I found nothing. Just as I was putting the finishing touches on the Purfek Storm website, a text from Storm solidified my place back in the entertainment industry. He wanted to discuss a presentation for a potential deal involving Blac Chyna (now known as Dr. Angela White) that I’d been working on. “I’m going to call you on 3-way,” he wrote. Excitedly, I turned to my wife, Brenna, and said, “Babe, I’m about to be on a video call with Blac Chyna.” She immediately grabbed her phone to record my reaction. As the call began, I tried to maintain my composure, despite the surrealness of hearing Kardashian kids playing in the background. I fumbled with my hair and glasses, trying to appear presentable despite having smoked a bowl just moments earlier. Storm, knowing how mind-blowing this experience was for me, chuckled to himself in the corner of the screen. Once the call ended, he phoned me privately, still laughing, and assured me that this was just the beginning. “You’ll be surprised who I’ll get you on the phone with,” he said. As I hung up, Brenna and I exchanged disbelieving looks, trying to process everything that had just transpired. My once-shabby apartment, the same place where I’d numbed my sorrows with alcohol, now felt like the epicenter of something extraordinary. The same chair that had been a refuge from my demons now felt like a throne. As I sat there, I knew that although the physical surroundings remained the same, the world had opened up to me in unimaginable ways. I was on the path to greatness, on a journey to dominate not only my demons but the globe itself. And with every new opportunity, my resolve to conquer and make my mark on the world only grew stronger.

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