It was unexpected to say the least. In the vast tapestry of life, where some plans were seamlessly executed, others crumbled and disintegrated. Amidst this tumultuous dance of aspirations and setbacks, I found myself face to face with the unyielding force of time. A force that holds everyone captive, urging them to chase after dreams or get lost in its relentless march forward. The initial text I received early in the weekend was a beacon in the fog of my journey. It offered something I had been seeking for the longest time: a conversation with a like-minded individual. Someone who embodies the spirit of relentless pursuit, isn’t afraid to dream big, and equally possesses the arsenal of tools, much like myself, to bring those lofty dreams to life. Enter Fabian, aka CloudKickaPiff. He doesn’t just exist within the realm of cinematography; he pioneers it. Setting a golden standard for what I believe all cinematographers should aim for, he’s continually redefining and pushing the boundaries on the latest trends. His visionary spirit is not just about following the zeitgeist but about sculpting it. And when the universe orchestrated a reunion between two old friends for a long, introspective weekend, I found myself submerged, drowning in a vast sea of endless possibilities. The blinding visions of red carpet flashes, the allure of fame and recognition, plagued my every thought. Suddenly, it dawned upon me why this pivotal moment took its own sweet time to manifest. Every twist and turn, every joy and setback, has been a deliberate design. We are not just participants but actors, playing our parts in a grand narrative crafted by the almighty. With this revelation, I felt an invigorating energy. As dawn broke this morning, I plugged myself back into the game of life with renewed vigor. Getting dressed for another day on the grind, a genuine smile played on my lips. It’s as if I can finally glimpse the chapters of my story that promise to drench me in the light I’ve been seeking my entire life. And with an unshakable faith in myself, and a heart full of ambition, I’m going to relentlessly chase that horizon, ensuring I don’t just reach for the sky, but touch the stars.

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