We Really Doing This?

I had never seen anything like it. The decision to keep my daughter home from school turned out to be a fateful one. As we lay in the bedroom, seeking solace from the raging storm outside, we sought refuge in the flickering glow of the television. In a moment of peculiar serendipity, the TV screen dimmed, and the feeble light allowed the outside world to seep in through the minuscule crack under the blinds. A torrent of yellow hues cascaded across the room, bathing everything in an otherworldly glow. Even our own skin, drenched in that ethereal light, seemed to transform, mirroring the pale, lifeless shades of an exhibition I had once witnessed at the Museum of Natural History. Glancing out the window, an overwhelming sense of dread washed over me. The atmosphere was surreal as if a colossal bug bomb had exploded, releasing a noxious yellow smoke. We, like roaches caught in its suffocating embrace, scattered within the confines of New York City and beyond. At that moment, I couldn’t help but reflect upon those less fortunate, the ones without the luxury of sealed windows and safe havens. They were left exposed, inhaling the acrid miasma that wafted from the fires raging in Canada. Coincidences had lost their meaning in my life. I had witnessed too many uncanny occurrences, too many events that defied conventional explanation. My radio career, launched alongside Alonzo under the Bud and Roach Show banner, had propelled us deep into the realm of conspiracy theories. Back then, we naively dismissed them as outlandish speculations, only to realize, with time, that many of our warnings had transformed into alarming truths. The forbidden knowledge we once hesitated to discuss had become common knowledge, shrouded by a new layer of intricate deceptions that encased the world and our own country. The remainder of that day blurred into a haze, the anticipation of a full house overshadowed by the lingering unease. I was fortunate, knowing that none of my loved ones were directly affected by the catastrophe unfolding outside. Yet, before the day drew to a close, a sudden onslaught of symptoms assailed my body—a strange flu-like sensation devoid of the usual feverish warmth. It was an unsettling experience, and I couldn’t help but attribute it to my brief exposure to the smoke. One moment I was perfectly fine, and the next, it hit me with the force of an unstoppable locomotive. And so, we persist, attempting to weather this tempest that engulfs our lives. We yearn for the day when we can venture outdoors without the oppressive scent of burning infiltrating our senses. Each day brings us closer to that elusive respite, as we navigate the ever-changing landscape with resilience and hope, steadfast in our pursuit of normalcy amidst the chaos.

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