We Kind Of Like This

Alonzo and I had found our groove again, and it felt like we had never skipped a beat. It was just like old times, sitting in my living room, talking about everything and nothing all at once. We had swapped out the studio for a USB microphone and a laptop, but the feeling was the same. We were recording podcasts once again, and it felt like we were on our way to recapturing the glory that we once had. As a producer, I took great pride in our work. I was meticulous with every upload, ensuring that the sound quality was pristine and the content was engaging. We kept things simple, sticking to our tried-and-true formula of drinking beer, smoking weed, and speaking our minds. It was a cathartic experience, and I found myself looking forward to each recording session more and more. As we recorded in the dark living room, the only light coming from the glow of my Mac computer, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for my family. My wife Brenna and my daughter Alenna were sleeping soundly in the bedroom just next door. Their presence gave me a sense of peace that I had never known before. The podcast was our way of rebuilding the Bud and Roach brand, and I was proud of what we had accomplished. While most episodes didn’t make it onto YouTube, our entire audio library was available on anchor.fm/budandroach. It was our small corner of the internet, and we were slowly but surely rebuilding our fanbase. With each episode, I felt like I was coming back to life. The return of the Bud and Roach Show had reignited a fire in me, and I was excited to see where it would take us. As I sat there, sipping on a cold beer and chatting with my best friend, I knew that I was exactly where I was meant to be.

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