We Got Alotta Work To Do

It was an intense feeling, a surge of energy coursing through my veins, driving me forward with a newfound determination. The tunnel vision I experienced was like a laser beam, cutting through distractions and doubts, leaving me solely focused on the path ahead. The echoes of Scarface’s infamous scene reverberated in my mind, reminding me that “we got alotta work to do”, and I was more than ready to take it on. I submerged myself in my work, burying my face in the screen, immersed in my creative process. My phone buzzed incessantly with missed calls and messages, but I was like Moses on that mountain, detached from the world around me, communicating only with a higher purpose. My thoughts were etched like ancient inscriptions on stone, forming the foundation of the empire I was building. As I reflected on recent podcast appearances, memories of the night I signed my name in blood resurfaced. This rabbit hole came to climax years later, on the night DMT took me on an extraordinary journey, revealing the depths of the universe and my very existence in mere seconds. It left me questioning the forces at play in my life now, the frequencies I had tapped into. Love and light were terms we used, and my actions of doing good felt right, but I couldn’t shake the confusion. I saw the physical transformations in my life, the improved clarity, the flourishing projects, the healthier relationships, and the promising career trajectory. I acknowledged the gratitude for these positive changes, knowing all too well the dark abyss of my past. The days of being at rock bottom were behind me, and I vowed never to return there. Yet, there was an underlying curiosity, a burning question of who or what guided me on this path. The things I prayed for that fateful night seemed to be manifesting themselves now, leading me toward my dreams of stardom. Sobriety was no longer a hindrance, and my anxiety, though still present, couldn’t stop me from moving forward. It was as if the universe had heard my plea that night and was conspiring to make my dreams come true. Each step forward brought me closer to becoming the person I was destined to be. The pieces of the puzzle were falling into place, but there was still a mystery surrounding the forces that orchestrated this cosmic dance.

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