I never thought I would be the one to miss an important audition, but there I was, hungover and regretting my day drinking. I would blow a meeting that would quickly change the direction of my life. The executive running the EDM project had informed me of an audition I was supposed to attend, which I just completely spaced out on. He called me, screaming at the top of his lungs about how I fucked up a huge opportunity and he’s wasting his time with me. The address was sent to my phone, but I simply just never went. Devastated, I thought it was all over. The following week, I would get a random text from the same executive, offering me one more chance. I was upset that I had to audition for a role that I thought was guaranteed, but chose to go anyway. Upon getting to the location, I quickly realized the address I was given the week prior was different from the location they were at on this particular day, and called the executive for updated directions. The location he would send me to was an office space known as Purfek Storm Group headquarters. I walked inside, awestruck by the sheer grandeur of the place. It was the epitome of the entertainment industry, with a level of glamour and sophistication that I had never seen before. I recognized someone through connections via Bud and Roach Show, and inquired about what the office was. They said, “this place manages celebrities”. I quit my job as a security guard that day, packed up all of my computer equipment, and moved into the intern area the following Monday, ready to do whatever it took to become a success.

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