The day started after an unexpected call from Danny Garcia, asking if I would be willing to join the FirstLive team for an upcoming gig. I could sense the excitement in his voice as he explained the details of the event. The money was great and, with no steady employment at the moment, it was an opportunity I couldn’t afford to pass up. To sweeten the deal, Jan Eckhard would also be joining us, guaranteeing a fun-filled day packed with good laughs and nostalgic moments. We arrived at the venue early in the morning, the sun still low in the sky. The place was buzzing with energy as people rushed around, setting up for the event. Outside of all the camera work itself, our task for the day was to run the cabling throughout the venue, ensuring everything was in place for a flawless production. After that, my primary job was to run the OBS online stream. It was a gig that made me chuckle internally, as I had taught myself OBS without any formal schooling in live TV production. Despite my lack of professional training, I had managed to gain the respect of those who had invested thousands of dollars in equipment in attempts to replicate the intricacies of this open source software. The event itself was a flamboyant affair, as the LGBTQ+ community gathered in their finest attire, showcasing their unwavering pride and sense of unity. They had come together to raise awareness and money for one of their causes, and the atmosphere was electric. As the show was gearing up to begin, I combed through the entire OBS presentation which I had built on the spot using all the slides that were sent to me via email. One by one, I meticulously created the screens in which the online stream would bounce back and forth from, giving viewers at home a professional broadcast they could enjoy. The room was filled with the dazzling colors of stage lights, and the air was thick with anticipation. Once everything began, I found myself completely absorbed in the process, assuming the role of a TV producer. My fingers danced over the keyboard, triggering scenes and graphics that made this event truly special. I could hear the cheers and applause of the crowd, confirming that our hard work was paying off. The experience was a testament to the fact that this was something I had discovered on my own, taught myself on my own, and had, in many ways, mastered on my own. As I looked around the room, taking in the vibrant atmosphere and the elation on people’s faces, I felt a surge of pride at what I had accomplished.

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