Unlearn Me

People change. That’s a fact of life that I’ve come to accept. But the greatest change I’ve yet to see is the one that happened within myself. There is a daunting feeling associated with the new reality that I’m currently living in. Through the exchanges I’ve had with others, I’ve been able to recognize that this feeling isn’t exclusive to me, and failed marriages affect billions of people worldwide, with nearly half of all marriages ending this very way. Having to navigate fatherhood as a single dad is a whole other beast, and I’ve managed to find my footing in making every second with my daughter count. But I feel as though the ultimate test is currently in full swing, and the very thing that I’ve chosen to do with my life is calling out to me louder than ever before. The secret, as I’ve come to see firsthand, is unlearning everything that has ever held me back from achieving my highest potential. Letting go of all the expectations and depression that once served as a gravitational pull. Ridding myself of all the distractions in the way of my ultimate purpose, and focusing on one project at a time. It would seem extremely difficult on paper, given the amount of tasks associated with my artistic endeavors, but if anyone could pull this off, it’s me. I walked a few miles today, more than half of my commute in the rain, deep in thought over what is next on the agenda. The anxiety that plagued my morning seemed to melt away, as with each step I was reminded of who I am, what I’ve done, and where I’m headed. The trials and tribulations of daily life, coupled with my duties as a father, have, at times, thrown me for a loop, keeping my mind occupied with everything but what needs to be done. But I’m learning, and unlearning, and staying on my path toward the light that I’m destined for. It would be so much easier to have just stopped by one of my local bars on the way home, and drown out the voices that call my name. But what’s worth it, isn’t easy, and I’m one step closer to my paradise.

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