Two Lives In One

There’s a heightened sense of duality in the life that I live. On one hand, I wake up every morning and put on a 3-piece suit, before making my way to work and putting in a solid 8 hours of slave labor. But then there are moments that quickly remind me how temporary these hardships are. As I sat quietly in the office, staring at screens filled with the live feeds of the various security cameras that I monitor on a daily basis, my phone screen lit up with an incoming call. It was Storm, who had been traveling across the states with Havoc, working with A-list names on new material that the public could only pray gets released. We went back and forth on updating each other with what’s happening in our personal lives, in preparation for the next phase of this empire that is being built in real time. It most certainly is a weird feeling, knowing how close I am to the success that I’ve been working toward my entire life. As grateful as I am for the day to day minutia that keeps my pockets filled with the cash needed to live my life, I’m more than ready for the next part of my journey. Big checks, red carpets, morning shows, and press runs plague my mind on a daily basis, and the closer I get, the more I want. To say that the drastic changes in my life these past 6 months were a blessing is an understatement, and although not being able to be with my daughter on a daily basis still brings forth a hint of depression, the work that I’m doing will create a lifestyle in which she will have everything she could ever need to grow up with all the advantages in life that I never had. My vision is clear, and what lies ahead of me is nothing short of extraordinary. For now, I live two lives in one. But as time progresses, the transition is inevitable. I will make it.

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