Turning The World Off

As far as we were concerned, we couldn’t get married fast enough. After the engagement, our time frame went from months to weeks, and we turned off the world around us. With a long history of toxic relationships, I found myself at peace; something completely foreign to me. For the first time in my life, my invincibility hadn’t come at the expense of my drunken ego, but the feeling of sharing a morning coffee with someone that I love. We didn’t have much, but then again, I’ve never had much. My ability to survive in abhorrent conditions separated me from the countless people on the same journey I’m on. Deep within my gut, I felt I would be famous one day, and wanted to share the success that I had yet to acquire. The road ahead was unknown, but we moved forward each day, together, and counted the days until our vows would become official. At work, we’d often exchange love notes in silence as the office environment created the soundtrack of our daily minutia. Few people were in the know, but walking in each day side by side would become a clear indicator to many of our life outside of employment. With only weeks away from becoming husband and wife, the aura we projected would produce the heaviest of glows.

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