Too High And Too Dry

I hadn’t seen my roommate for a little while, which was starting to concern me as the rent was due. I sat in the living room, contemplating whether I should open the door to his bedroom to see if he was ok. I thought, “what if he’s dead”, or “what if I find him passed out”. Still, with money in hand, I walked over to his section of the apartment and knocked a few times. After a long moment of silence, I slowly opened the door to his bedroom and was shocked beyond my initial expectations. He was not dead, nor was he passed out. He left, taking everything he owned, including my security deposit, to China. Not having my name on the lease, I went into an immediate panic and contacted the landlord. To my surprise, they were not aware he was subletting and were already scheduling showings for the apartment I was still living in. I pleaded with them for options, which thankfully they gave. I was allowed 30 days to either vacate the property or come up with the entirety of the rent and take over the lease. I sat on the couch, alone, in complete disbelief at what had occurred, angry at the audacity of this person to leave me in such a condition. I needed resolution, fast. So I went across the street to the local supermarket, loaded up on cheap beer, and made my way back to my temporary sanctuary.

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