Only hindsight will reveal to you the method of my madness. With my spirit high above the city, I watch as millions of people exhaust themselves, each in a hamster wheel of their own creation. I’ve always had a different mindset, and this idea of trading time for money seemed as outdated as the opportunities that would normally present themselves to me. I have an undying desire for freedom; of expression, of creativity, and of time. I understood a long time ago that I had a skillset that was unlike anything those around me had ever seen, and like a sponge I would consistently absorb new knowledge, growing my arsenal of talents that would allow me to manifest any idea I could imagine. But over time, I had relegated this absorption to the bigger picture, and not the here and now. Therein lied the problem, a problem that I have since corrected. Digging deep into my documented history, I looked for overlooked opportunities that I had shelved away in my mind, allowing past failures to dictate my potential future earnings. When I found it, I hit the ground running, quickly realizing how drastically different the industry is now post COVID-19. As I continued to masterfully juggle projects and responsibilities, I submitted an application to this new company that I would work with, providing the very thing that I desired the most. For the longest time, I had held myself back under the guise of a starving artist, putting myself through situations that would test me as an individual, and open up a chakra that would foster my creativity. But in relieving myself of all past trauma, and finding love within myself and the world around me, I’ve come to have more control than I ever have before of the quality of my human experience. This is a blessing I will share, and through the words that I have written and spoken, I hope to inspire you as well to achieve your destiny. In this world, fame is purchased, and success is not measured in how many advertising dollars you spend. It is the time and access that money allows you to have that is the ultimate goal. To quote the great Dave Chappelle, who as a child told his father these words, “you’re a teacher. If I can make a teacher’s salary doing comedy, I think that’s better than being a teacher.” My humility will no longer be a reflection of my financial status, but rather a trigger of empathy. I know where I’m going, and it’s happening right now.

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