Three Days Grace @ Roseland

Before things would take a serious turn, “the industry” looked beautiful to me from the outside. On this particular day, Maury had gifted me about 25 VIP tickets to see Three Days Grace at Roseland Ballroom, a band that was rather popular at the time. I went through my entire phone book, looking for anyone who I felt would appreciate joining me on this exclusive experience. Of everyone, only two people showed up: Christian, which you met earlier in this blog, and Jeremy, which you will come to know as Thunder. We collectively walked into the venue and went upstairs to the VIP area where drinks flowed, and food was in abundance. We sat close to the stage, off on a balcony, and enjoyed being in the moment. I remember feeling a sense of accomplishment. This was an experience I was able to provide my friends through connections in “the industry”, and I started to believe “I was important”. The chip on my shoulder was growing, and in many ways, I liked it. Even back then, the thought of “dominating the globe” was somewhere on my daily agenda. So I kept listening to the voice in my head that guided which direction I went next, trusting it would take me where I wanted to go. This would be the first of many VIP showings that played a role in the madness of my growing ego.

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