For the longest time, I roamed the vast expanse of my creative journey, stumbling upon various roles, but always finding myself in the position of a promoter. It was a path I embraced wholeheartedly, believing that by providing platforms for others, I could foster collaboration, opportunity, and an abundance of content. Two endeavors, in particular, stood out amidst the chaotic symphony of my artistic pursuits: Sunday Night Screenings and the Bud and Roach Show. Sunday Night Screenings found its humble abode in a cozy café nestled within the vibrant neighborhood of West Village. It became a sanctuary for aspiring filmmakers, a place where their works could unfold on the silver screen and ignite conversations among like-minded enthusiasts. Each event became a mingling ground, a catalyst for friendships and partnerships, propelling us all toward greater creative horizons. But it was the Bud and Roach Show that truly awakened the revolutionary fire within me. In those early years of live radio, we pushed our boundaries as entertainers, while simultaneously providing a platform for countless others to have their voices heard. The airwaves became our stage, our voice resonating with an ever-expanding audience, as we defied the norms of the oversaturated market we found ourselves in. Back in 2012, podcasts hadn’t yet achieved their current ubiquity, and the unconventional nature of our radio endeavors was met with skepticism. However, this only fueled our determination to break barriers and shatter expectations. We reveled in the audacity of our ambitions, refusing to succumb to the doubts of the naysayers. We were pioneers, setting forth on uncharted paths with unwavering resolve. While the various offshoots—Roach TV, Hot New Music Videos—were undoubtedly significant endeavors, they always fell short of the transcendent feeling that those early years of SNS and B&RS had instilled within me. It seemed as if I had missed my chance to capture that revolutionary essence once more, leaving me adrift in a sea of creative restlessness. However, as the universe would have it, a profound revelation awaited me, birthing a realization that reverberated deep within my soul. Virtual reality—the very notion of immersing oneself in a digital realm—was undeniably the future. The Oculus Quest, once a distant dream, was swiftly becoming a commonplace household item, and the world had yet to comprehend the full potential it held. It was in this moment of clarity that I discovered my purpose anew. I had, once again, captured the essence of revolution, harnessing the gift of knowledge that had been bestowed upon me by the universe itself. The world of virtual reality became my canvas, a realm where I could redefine boundaries, create experiences, and reshape the way people consumed content. With each click, as avatars roamed my meticulously crafted interactive exhibitions, I witnessed the power of this emerging medium. Gone were the anxious crowds that once plagued me, replaced by a virtual audience eager to explore the depths of my visionary realm. Here, I was recognized, celebrated, and understood. It was a universe where my every creation resonated, where my artistry reigned supreme. Instead of chasing the elusive validation from strangers, I found solace in this virtual frontier. As I donned my VR headset, my surroundings dissolved, replaced by a world of infinite possibilities. Whether my current endeavors remained hidden gems or exploded into viral phenomena was inconsequential. Virtual reality was here to stay, evolving and growing with every passing day. And within this realm, I held the reins of power.

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