The Way I Am

Some might call it a privilege, and in many ways, they’d be correct. Being of a certain caliber has granted me access to things that is out of reach to most people, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to not relish in the advantages that I have. Whether or not I’ve earned them is another discussion entirely, as my good looks and voice were given to me by God. But when it comes to laying down foundations and building an empire with a solid team, I come well-equipped with all the tools any team would need in order to flourish. That’s my blessing. That’s what every second of every day for the entirety of my life has brought upon me, and the time invested has paid me back ten fold. Even without the fame and fortune, the life that I’ve been able to live has been made possible by the protectors that the universe has fit to bestow upon me. I am more brains than brawn, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My journey in life continues to take me down a path that is opening doors faster than I can walk through them, and because of this, I am an asset to those around me. An asset that is worth the protection it receives. So if I am to conquer the world in 2024, then I must do so by first acknowledging the people who make my life what it is. You know who you are, and so do I. I understand my position in this world, and I would never jeopardize the bigger picture for minor obstacles. There is too much at stake. Too many chips are on the table. I’m embracing everything that the universe has given me, and using it for the purpose in which they were intended. My vision is clearer than ever before, and I’m unafraid to see the light.

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