The Video Game Of Life

As I pulled out of the parking spot and hit the road, a notification came across the screen that would shave a 60-minute commute down to 30 minutes. Hesitant at first, fearing this was some sort of mistake, I clicked the button, and my morning transformed from sheer anxiety to a deep sense of calm. I found myself way ahead of schedule, driving the speed limit the entire way, hitting minimal traffic as I enjoyed the scenic views offered by this rare experience. The sun gently caressed the trees lining the highway, their leaves shimmering like emerald jewels. The crisp morning air felt invigorating as it rushed in through the open window. I savored the freedom of this drive, the feeling of gliding down the smooth asphalt, a sense of liberation from the bustling chaos of the city. My mind wandered, while my body remained on autopilot, guiding the vehicle down the long stretches of land that would lead me to another payday. I studied the other drivers on the road and wondered if they knew the truth about this experience we were living through together. Most people didn’t, and unfortunately, we have to continue sharing our existence with those unaware of the video game we were all playing. The differences were crystal clear, written across every face. One person appeared completely miserable, their eyes hollow, while another sang along to pop tunes on the radio, their face beaming with joy. One person was smoking a cigarette, the gray tendrils of smoke swirling around them, while another wiped tears away from their face, their shoulders shaking from the weight of their emotions. Each person was living in a world they created, which seemed to collide with surrounding worlds every second of every day. Arriving at the location, I got to work, my hands steady as I breezed through the complicated and tedious process that would be required for this project to see the light of day. I glanced around at the faces of people nearby, and wondered the same about them. Were they aware? Did these people know the power they possessed? Did they understand that we were spirits living a human experience, and not simply our bodies? Did they have the slightest idea of the magnitude of their existence? As I pondered these questions, I realized it wasn’t my place to ask. My journey was one of self-discovery, and if someone had told me what I now know before, I probably wouldn’t have believed them. Knowing this, I kept my head low, focused on every task at hand, and thanked the universe for the new chance at life I had been given.

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