As I stepped out of my apartment building, the crisp New York air filled my lungs, invigorating me despite the bleak reality of the gig that awaited me. Walking towards the subway, I contemplated how this small opportunity could, perhaps, help me break free from the self-imposed walls of my home office. Descending the stairs into the familiar dimly lit station, I tapped my debit card on the turnstile, hearing the satisfying beep that granted me passage. I walked over to the middle of the platform, where dual LCD monitors hung on the wall like two digital windows to another world. They showcased an array of advertisements, each one clamoring for my attention as they blinked and morphed in rotation. Waiting for the train, I glanced to the side and there he was again – Anthony Ramos, wearing a radiant smile and a sleek Tommy Hilfiger suit. But this time, instead of sinking into a feeling of failure and envy, I found myself smiling too. I was proud – proud of Anthony for conquering the world, and proud of myself for no longer allowing his success to overshadow my own journey. I pulled out my phone to kill time and tapped on the Facebook app. As I scrolled through my feed, I spotted a similar ad, this one featuring both Anthony and his older brother, Mario. They stood side by side, beaming with confidence, and an unexpected laugh escaped my lips. These two guys, whom I had watched grow up, were making waves on the global stage, shattering the limiting beliefs that haunted our neighborhood. The train roared into the station, announcing its arrival with the screech of metal on metal. As I boarded, my gaze lingered on the screens displaying the ad. The subway car jolted to life, and I found myself laughing again, the sound echoing within the metal confines. These two young men, Anthony and Mario, were defying the odds and showing the world what was possible – and they were showing me too. Even though I was on my way to a less-than-ideal job with measly pay, I knew deep down that if I could overcome the obstacles that held me back, I would someday stand alongside them. They served as an inspiration, a beacon of hope that lit the path to a brighter future. And as the train sped through the darkness of the underground tunnel, I felt a spark ignite within me, a renewed determination to rise above my circumstances and claim my own place in the world. Anthony and Mario’s success had, instead of crushing me, given me the strength to dream even bigger. They had shown me that anything was possible and that someday, I too could dominate the globe.

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