I told my wife today that I’m stuck in a weird place. It seems as though life is moving both too fast and too slow simultaneously. On one hand, everything with Dominate The Globe is moving according to plan. Just a week ago, I was still deep within the writing process, buried under digital stacks of scribbled thoughts and worn-out notebooks, wondering if I’d ever be caught up to this never-ending story. Just 7 days later, here I am, writing in real-time, feeling the warmth of the laptop keys under my fingertips as I type away, posting the official trailer on my Instagram account, ready to begin sharing my story with the world. On the other hand, I’ve been chasing success for over 20 years. It’s been a long, arduous road filled with late-night gigs, countless rejections, and endless cups of coffee that have left me jittery and bleary-eyed. So while things may be moving forward, it feels as though I’m stuck in traffic, inching closer and closer to my exit, instead of driving 100mph down the highway to my dreams with the wind tousling my hair and the adrenaline coursing through my veins. I had received a response this morning from Jonathan Kopp, creator of the Quit Drinking app that became a key component to maintaining my sobriety. I introduced myself, and shared a piece of my story, thanking him for creating such a magnificent tool to help people just like me. He seemed delighted to hear of my progress, and inquired further. I could feel a spark of connection, as if our shared experience had bridged a gap between us. Things are definitely in motion, and as much as I would love to just fast forward this story until the part where I’m a solidified and successful entertainer, basking in the glow of the spotlight, I’m well aware that these moments are just as important as the rest of my story. I have to keep laying down bricks, keeping my head low and my mind focused. I need to stop thinking about the destination, and keep my focus on the journey, and what’s in front of me. Every time I sit down to write, the memories flood my mind in vivid detail. These memories are what have shaped me, and they’re what I cling to as I navigate this rollercoaster ride of life. I need to cherish every moment, even the ones that feel painstakingly slow, and remember that they’re all a part of the journey.

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