The Second Coming

These past few days have been trying, to say the least. It seems as though the cosmos were placing me in situations that have tested my resolve, and challenged the very peace that I’ve fought relentlessly to obtain. The first thing that I noticed was my sense of internal calmness during these moments of insanity. Typically plagued with anxiety, I found myself deep in prayer, meditating over solutions rather than losing myself to the problems. Within these moments, I found answers which not only destroyed the negative energy surrounding these circumstances, but brought forth a level of love and understanding that had not previously existed. That’s the power of God. That’s what comes with vibrating at a frequency that allows you to connect with that which is above us, and within us. I celebrate myself, and my ability to transcend this matrix, and move in a way that allows me to maximize my value in this game. After all, that’s what I’ve spent my life doing. Creating value within myself, which is propelling me to heights not known to my bloodline. The rain is showering down on me, and with it comes all the blessings that were destined for someone like me. The freedom of solitude protects my spirit, and I’m no longer bound to the same rules that once inhibited my growth. I’m one with myself, and a man who knows himself is limited to nothing. Sobriety and time have opened my eyes to the truth about me, and this second coming will showcase the difference between the person that I was, and the person that I am. This blog is called Dominate The Globe for a reason, and for all intents and purposes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

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