The Rise Of The Bushwick Boys

Alonzo and I had, years prior, conceptualized a brand name that would now come into play. “Bud and Roach”, the dynamic stoner duo, had now been coupled with my urgency to succeed, and while the original idea of an animated series was far beyond our initial reach, I had already acquired all the equipment necessary to produce a live radio broadcast from the comfort of my living room. One of my best men, Alonzo had been with me through some of the toughest times of my life. Our banter, whose original home was the cement blocks that formed the hallway of our childhood upbringing, would now be heard by the world. I would spend my day’s freelancing odd jobs on my iMac for dirt pay while building the online presence of what would soon become a major part of our lives. The logo came first. A simple 4 character graphic would soon become synonymous with Monday nights. B&RS, or Bud and Roach Show, was initially set to be open-format discussions about an array of topics, and with an arsenal of gaming memories, tales from the block, and conspiracy theories at our disposal, we were confident in our ability to tackle any subject effectively. Brenna, day in and day out, watched as I obsessively chiseled away at the ideas being fed to me by the universe. The green and brown colors, reflective of our inspiration for the name, gave us branding power we didn’t know we could have. The official website for Bud and Roach had launched and with all the necessary accounts in place, and all the marketing material we needed to premiere in tip-top fashion, the rise of the Bushwick boys had begun, and we would soon come face to face with our wildest dreams. There was a sense of comfort and security in having “the” team be a “home” team. We were more than familiar with each other, which would make all the difference in our upcoming on-air broadcasts.

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