Sleep had become a rare luxury, an elusive treasure that seemed to constantly slip through my fingers. The long nights spent working overnight shifts drained me physically, while my restless mind refused to find solace during the precious few hours I had left to rest. My world had become a sleep-deprived haze, a constant juggling act between fatherhood, work, and the relentless pursuit of my personal goals. The mandatory Zoom classes after work only added to the exhaustion. As my eyelids grew heavier, I couldn’t help but envy the smooth, undisturbed slumber of my fellow hotel guests. Each night, I trudged my way back to the hotel, a shell of the man I once was, dragging my weary bones and the mountain of work that awaited me in my own artistic pursuits. My bloodshot eyes, red and lifeless, mirrored the overwhelming fatigue that had settled deep within me. Every day, it became increasingly impossible to stay alert at work. The seconds crawled by at a snail’s pace, torturing me with the unattainable desire for rest. The brief moments when I could tour the building brought me some semblance of wakefulness, my feet dragging my body through the labyrinth of hallways. During the quietest moments, I’d sneak away into the dimly lit kitchen, my fingers fumbling with my debit card as I scanned it at the vending machine. Snickers bars and other sugary treats beckoned me, promising a temporary high to keep the drowsiness at bay. With every sweet morsel, I chased the sugar rush, hoping it would be enough to carry me through the misery of my job. The cold was a cruel companion during my shifts, its icy tendrils creeping in through the unguarded entrances. Without a heater to ward off the chill, I found myself shivering uncontrollably, goosebumps blossoming across my skin. My teeth chattered in time with the relentless shudders, the cold slowly gnawing away at my resolve. My dreams of starting the blog felt increasingly out of reach, like an ever-receding mirage. The ceaseless organizing, the countless late nights, and the never-ending responsibilities felt like a suffocating cycle I would never escape. I longed for the freedom to truly dive into my passion, to bask in the warmth of my accomplishments, and to finally dominate the globe.

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