It had been a spark in my mind for months, a steady pulse that only grew louder with time. As the Creative Director of Purfek Storm Group, I’m not only entrusted with steering the creative vision but also making sure Storm, with his overflowing plate of client commitments, has some room to breathe. His dynamism has been an inspiration, and it was time for me to add my bit to the mix. I wanted to create an experience that would shatter expectations and bring a fresh perspective to our clients’ dreams. The idea? An unprecedented virtual reality experience, tailored for the unstoppable force that is DJ Whoo Kid. The man’s energy and prolific creative output had already proven enough to fill the colossal halls of any establishment, so it seemed fitting that he should get an equally colossal virtual space. Keeping this project under wraps was an adventure in itself, like hiding a piece of the sun under your hat. To build a virtual world is to become a demiurge, and I took that role seriously. Every pixel, every voxel, became a matter of life and death. As I dove into this immersive task, my vision took shape. I took on the role of sculptor, carving out the contours of the lobby and the second floor with intense dedication, giving each part its own unique life and soul. As you enter, a giant step-and-repeat, emblazoned with the Sirius XM logo, offers a grand greeting, a nod to our roots and the power of synergy. A treasure chest, an iconic sponsor screen, scattered tastefully around a gigantic voxel rendition of Whoo Kid’s signature “Get The Bear” logo – these are the breadcrumbs to a narrative that’s about to unfold, a tour into the very heart of the superstar’s world. The second floor is a vibrant cultural hub, a marketplace of sound. With music releases playing and pop-up shops sponsored by those who believe in DJ Whoo Kid’s meteoric rise, it’s a fan’s paradise. The co-host of “HotBoxin with Mike Tyson”, Whoo Kid deserved an entire floor dedicated to the hit podcast. From a majestic statue of Tyson himself to curated visuals and video snippets that explore the many facets of Tyson’s life, it’s a tribute to the boxing legend’s remarkable journey, from the ring to his encounters with psychedelics. As I chisel away at this gargantuan task, the anticipation grows. I imagine the joy on their faces when they see what I’ve built, when they step into this new world. I envision the awe, the delight, the gratitude. But for now, it’s back to the grindstone, back to this symphony of creation. Every piece, every pixel, every voxel, has its place in this elaborate dance. And as I continue to shape this virtual reality, I can only hope it does justice to the giants it was built for.

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