The Published Author

The hum of dawn on the 4th of July found me stirring late. A torrent of days blurring into sleep-deprived nights had forged the latest link in my journey, and the toll had now exacted its claim on my slumber. As the silken tendrils of morning sunlight pierced the modest cracks in my drawn blinds, an electrifying note broke through the hazy veil of sleep: an email from Amazon — my book was now live. It was a revelatory moment, the cold screen lights a beacon beckoning me to the next phase of my life. Adrenaline swept away the last remnants of fatigue as I bolted upright and hastened to the bathroom. The rhythmic dance of the toothbrush was a simple, grounding ritual, a much-needed pillar of normalcy amidst the swirling anticipation. With my heart drumming a jubilant rhythm against my ribs, I commandeered my computer, quickly ordering copies of my first book, “Change Your Mind: A Guide To Dreaming.” Its existence, real and tangible, fueled my ambition as I set forth in this new chapter of authorship. The inception of Dominate The Globe — the vessel of my life’s narrative, from the tormenting depths of addiction to the liberating heights of sobriety — cradled this audacious new undertaking. It promised a conduit for my life’s learnings and unbridled dreams to reach out and intertwine with those of others, to spark new ideas, and shape alternate realities. A recollection from the day prior then percolated to the surface: a call with Storm. Purfek Storm Group, his rapidly blossoming venture, brimmed with celebrity clientele. Yet my role was to peer into this dazzling whirlwind, to scrutinize its swirling vortex from an external vantage point and discern a path to inner harmony. The key to navigating this maelstrom was active listening — a skill honed over time. I withheld my news about the book. The focus of the call was his world, his vision. Listening, understanding, and learning — from Storm, and in turn, myself — were paramount. Storm would often express his concern over my manifold interests, a complex labyrinth challenging to navigate. But what I’ve come to understand is the universe’s guiding hand leading me on a path of healing, for myself and others. Sure, the thought of playing to a stadium bursting with thousands of electrified fans still elicits a thrill, but it’s no longer the axis my world rotates around. It’s the quiet moments of purpose and love — my wife and daughter sleeping peacefully, unaware of the new dawn I’m embarking on — that anchor my existence. As I embark on this new journey as an author, I feel like a sailor venturing into uncharted waters. The conclusion of this journey is a mystery, but the onset is here and now. And as the fireworks of July 4th illuminate the skies tonight, remember: your life is bounded only by your thoughts. The time to manifest your dreams and share your visions is now. Dream big, live larger.

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