The Placebo Effect

I’d often have dreams about my DMT experience. It started to feel as though the calcification of my pineal gland was reversed in that moment, and my third eye was more activated than ever before. And with my third eye activated, it made sense to me why those last few months of drinking were so dark. I felt as though I saw a part of the universe that few people in this world get to experience, and not being able to navigate past my simplest forms of self-destruction nearly ended me. The moment I stopped drinking, the fragmented thoughts that had been swirling around my consciousness began to take their true form, and I could hear the messages I was receiving much clearer. I often wondered if this was simply the placebo effect, thinking that maybe holding onto this belief that I was destined for more made me live my life as though I was. But the clearer things became, the more I began to realize that I wasn’t crazy after all. In fact, I was destined for everything that I thought I was. Having finally stepped out of my own way, I saw the world with Neo’s eyes, deciphering the code of my existence every single day. During this period of clarity, I started seeing patterns and connections that had previously been hidden from me. It was as if my sobriety had turned me into a conductor for some ethereal force that guided me toward my true path. I found myself gravitating towards projects and people that were in line with my passions and interests, and my life started to unfold in ways that I could never have imagined before.

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