Pine Box Rock Shop was filling up as we prepared to host our first big Bud and Roach event. Zo and I had been promoting it for weeks, and we were expecting a big turnout. We had everything set up, or so we thought. During our initial test day, we had been too busy filming ourselves to properly check out the equipment, and it showed. As soon as we started, we were plagued with technical difficulties. The mixing software wouldn’t work properly, the sound quality was poor, and the lighting was all wrong. It was a disaster. Zo and I started arguing, blaming each other for the mistakes being witnessed by those in attendance. I was drunk, unhappy, and embarrassed. This was supposed to be our big break, and we had botched it. We tried to salvage what we could, but it was clear that the turnout was limited. The small group of people that did show up seemed unimpressed with our performance. I felt like a failure, like I had let everyone down. As the night wore on, I drowned my sorrows in alcohol, trying to forget about the disaster that was unfolding around me. I tried to make the most of the small gathering, but it was hard to enjoy myself when I knew that everything was falling apart. In the end, the night was far from what I had expected. All the blame was my own, and I knew that I had to do better if I wanted to succeed. I had to keep pushing forward, no matter what.

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