As 2022 began, one thing was clear: family was all I had. Years of struggling with sobriety, chasing stardom, and trying to connect with like-minded individuals had left me feeling empty and defeated. Yet, throughout this seemingly endless uphill battle, my daughter Alenna stood by my side. She was my rock and my saving grace, her love unconditional, her understanding limitless. It was as if we were “The Outsiders”, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, legends of classic WCW days. It was a fitting comparison, for just like Scott Hall, I was grappling with the fierce grips of alcoholism. Despite the demons clawing at me from within, I knew I had to stay focused on the work I was doing, hoping that somehow, my struggles would serve a higher purpose in the grand scheme of what the universe had planned for me. There was a small, intimate gesture between my daughter and me, a secret bond that connected us despite the turbulent emotions I carried within. We would share the “Too Sweet” hand gesture, reminiscent of The Outsiders and the New World Order (NWO) faction of professional wrestling. Our little ritual was a beacon of light and love, guiding me through the darkest corners of my addiction. When our eyes would lock and a smile danced across Alenna’s face, she would reach out her hand, fingers extended, her thumb touching the tips of her middle and ring finger, forming a “wolf head.” I would mirror her, and as our hands met, our fingers would intertwine, connecting in a silent declaration of unbreakable love and loyalty. No words were needed in those moments; the power of our bond transcended language, and our simple gesture held a universe of meaning. That “Too Sweet” exchange was a constant reminder that my daughter’s love for me was unwavering, a testament to the purity of her heart. Through each struggle, every moment of anger or sorrow, Alenna remained steadfast by my side, never once turning away or wavering in her devotion. Her love was my lifeline, and I clung to it with every fiber of my being, even as the inner turmoil raged on. I stopped searching for solutions to my problems in the world around me, recognizing that the answers I sought would come only from within. Alenna’s love had illuminated the truth for me – that the power to heal, to change, and to find redemption lay solely in my own hands. We may have been outsiders, but together we faced life’s challenges head-on, our love a beacon of hope in the darkness, and a promise of a better tomorrow.

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