The Oreo Cookies

My addictive personality always seemed to find a way to cling onto something, whether it was good or bad for me. I didn’t stop drinking because I hated it – quite the opposite. I stopped because I loved it so much that it was destroying my life. I’d blame the drinking for the chaos it caused, but in all honesty, it was my personality that amplified the destruction. Being sober for a while now, I thought I had everything under control. However, it seems that my addictive personality just shifted focus. It found something new to latch onto – Oreo cookies. They may seem innocent, but for me, they quickly turned into a monster that I needed to fight. Those sugary, processed disks of chocolate and cream became my go-to every time I craved a drink. It started off innocently enough, but as with all addictions, it can easily spiral out of control. Every day, I found myself consuming more and more of these cookies. My body began to betray me as I fed it this addictive poison. I felt disgusting. It was as if gravity had decided to strengthen its grip on me, pulling me deeper and deeper towards the earth’s core. The number of Oreos I’d shove into my mouth made me feel lethargic and weighed down. I could feel the chemicals seeping into my brain, like a tsunami of sugar and regret. I’d sink my teeth into the sweet layers, each bite releasing a burst of artificial flavors that coursed through my veins like an intoxicating elixir. As I put together my life story for the world to see, I knew that my battle wasn’t over. Each day brought its own set of challenges, from the simple act of resisting the allure of Oreos to confronting the fact that my addictive personality could seep into any aspect of my life. Slowly, I began to wean myself off the sugary crutches. I knew that if I didn’t, I might end up with a new addiction that could destroy me just as easily as alcohol did. The struggle was real, but I needed to stay alive to reap the benefits of the work I’ve put into my sobriety and self-discovery.

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