A Land Of Wonder

As I stood leaning against the wall in the dimly lit strip club, I couldn’t help but feel out of place. Even when I wasn’t sober and would regularly indulge in alcohol-fueled escapades, I never found comfort in places like these. The employee-client relationship in the sex industry was too awkward for someone with my introverted tendencies. And yet, here I was, at Wonderland NYC, with my wife Brenna, invited by Storm to celebrate Dr. Angela Renee White’s birthday – better known as Blac Chyna. As we entered the establishment, the booming music and flickering neon lights assaulted my senses. The scent of alcohol and perfume hung heavy as we maneuvered our way past security and into the VIP section. My wife, seemingly in her element, danced and chatted with the stars behind the velvet ropes. The desensitized crowd surrounding us served as a stark reminder of why I had given up the bottle. The purple, pink, and blue lights cast a kaleidoscope of colors onto the stage, where a performer gyrated to the beat of the music. In the sea of scantily-clad women and half-drunken patrons, I couldn’t help but feel detached. My sobriety allowed me to take in every detail of the night, yet I couldn’t shake the realization that this once-taboo environment had become the norm in our society. Twenty years ago, strip clubs were the epitome of hedonism, where one could witness nudity and promiscuity in all its glory. Now, all it took was the swipe of a finger on a smartphone to access a world of explicit content. Our culture had become desensitized to these live experiences, transforming them into just another night out. As the attention in the room remained on Angela, even the performers themselves seemed to lose interest in the crowd that had been providing them with income just hours earlier. My sober mind absorbed every moment, each interaction and sensation, weaving them into a tapestry of lessons I’d carry with me on my journey. In the midst of the chaos, I felt a sense of pride in my ability to remain unfazed by the drinkers around me. My sobriety granted me clarity of mind, allowing me to dissect the situation and extract valuable insights. As the celebrity walk-through experience ended, I realized that this night would be another layer of lessons added to my ever-growing collection. With each passing day, I find that I have so much more to learn, and as I navigate the complexities of the entertainment industry, I am grateful for every experience that helps me grow. This night at Wonderland NYC was no exception.

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