The Movie Business

It was a moment destined to happen. For the past few years, I’ve developed a friendship with an amazing actor I never had the pleasure of meeting in person, which all changed the night we walked into the restaurant. Michael Andrews, who has shown me support and admiration since my days as a raging alcoholic, has given me his time and exercised patience with my process, fully understanding the big picture of what I’m aiming to achieve in the movie business. My journey was never about fitting in, but rather about building a legacy based on independence, raw talent and amazing quality. I’ve been told throughout my life in entertainment that everything I touch turns to gold, so one could imagine the excitement that coursed through my veins as we sat at the dinner table, discussing a film project that I put together from scratch, entitled “Static”. My role as a demonic entity inside of a television set is brash enough, but couple with surrounding factors, showcases a level of intellect that is sure to leave people wanting more. After all, my goal in flooding the market with short films is to create an environment in which the audience dictates which should become feature length films, assuring any investor that a built in audience will flood any distribution platform we release projects on. My years of running Sunday Night Screenings, the short film festival which allowed me to dominate the West Village section of New York City, have served a grand purpose in giving me the market experience and expertise needed to execute such a plan. As Michael sat across from me, I combed through the various aspects of this production, breathing life into both the project and my fellow artist. Sharing stories of my experiences within the celebrity world, I grew more enthusiastic by the second knowing that I will soon be the household name that I was destined to be. If you know anything about me at all, you know that my unwavering self belief is the reason that I conquer everything in front of me, and as my confidence continues to skyrocket, so will my reach for the stars.

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