The Mission Is Clear

Yesterday was a day of major advancements. With an early morning call from Storm, I’d start working earlier than usual, and before 8am I was already engulfed in my task list. The first beams of sunlight crept through the blinds, casting an inviting golden hue over my workspace. It was going to be a long day, but I could feel that it would be one full of progress and revelation. After releasing the 2nd trailer for Dominate The Globe, I reached out to Eddy Duran, showing him the capabilities of this application I had purchased which allowed footage to be animated using AI. Eddy’s excitement mirrored my own as we saw our characters come to life on the screen, the AI’s interpretation adding a new layer of depth to the scenes. Using footage pulled from the movie we’ve been working on, I managed to animate a few seconds, allowing us to see the vision of what our final result could be. It was like watching our dreams manifest before our very eyes. Later that day, I found myself combing through old footage, rewatching moments when the blog was first being assembled. The grainy videos and raw emotions that filled the screen were a stark contrast to the polished images and content I was now producing. It seemed like a night and day difference. After pointing my GoPro directly to the computer screen, capturing the progress of where I was at that time, I could clearly see how entertainment-driven the initial concept was. I didn’t go into this with the intention of pouring my heart and soul out for the world to read. I just wanted to organize all the work that I had ever done so that if anything happened to me, my daughter and family could have easy access to all the memories I managed to immortalize on media throughout my life. But as I watched this footage, I started thinking about the drastic changes that my life has gone through since I started the writing process for this blog. I remember putting each piece of content in chronological order, trying to figure out the story I was telling with my existence. I’d go back and forth with my brother, and every time the past made me feel terrible about myself, he’d pull me back up and remind me that something bigger was happening. His words of encouragement echoed in my ears as I looked over the old footage. I see that now. It seems that everything I have ever gone through has led me to this moment and to being exactly who I am right now. This story can help people and heal people, and the more I thought about my approach to this venture, the clearer the mission became. One by one, I’m going to connect with AA support groups around the world, share my story, and inspire those who want more for themselves to not just dream, but achieve.

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