The Long Weekend

I couldn’t wait any longer. The words swirled around in my head like a hurricane, demanding to be released onto the blank pages before me. My fingers were itching to dance across the keyboard, bringing my story to life. So, with a steely determination, I decided to lock myself down for the weekend, sit in my chair, and write until I couldn’t write anymore. My humble apartment was my fortress. I nestled into the worn upholstery of my chair, my back aching from the hours spent pouring my soul onto the screen. The only solace from the pain came during my smoke breaks. Stepping out onto the side streets, I let the crisp breeze caress my face and ruffle my hair, giving my weary mind just a few minutes of downtime before I had to return to the confines of my self-imposed isolation. As I exhaled tendrils of smoke into the night, I thought about the long hours I had worked at the hotel, dragging my feet during the graveyard shift, praying for the clock to tick faster. I said to myself, “If I was willing to break night for a measly couple of bucks, then I need to get caught up on writing today.” And so, I marched back into the apartment, armed with a fresh resolve. With each day that passed, the enormous number of words I would write had taken the shape of a story, one that was just about to be launched into the stratosphere. My fingers grew weary, but my heart pounded with excitement. I knew that my life was about to change forever. The long weekend took its toll on me. My body screamed for rest, but I couldn’t give in just yet. I needed to see this through. So, with bloodshot eyes and a ragged smile, I forged ahead, spurred on by the knowledge that I was moments away from something incredible. As I put the final touches on my masterpiece, the world around me seemed to come back into focus. I stood up, stretching my sore muscles, and allowed myself to feel the pride that I deserved. I had done the impossible, completing exactly what I had envisioned, exactly the way I had envisioned it. My journey across the world at hyper speeds was just beginning, and I was getting ready to dominate the globe, one language at a time.

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