The night of the LIVE! Finale at SPIN was one for the books. As I made my way through the crowd, I could feel the excitement in the air. This was a rare occasion where I wasn’t a performer, but I was just as excited to be a part of the celebration as host and MC. Christina LaRocca had connected me with Susan Surandon’s SPIN, who was kind enough to open up its ping pong club for the event. The space was perfect for the night’s festivities, with ping pong tables lining the walls and a bar in the corner. I made my way over to the bar and grabbed one of the long glass cups filled to the brim with beer. The Bud and Roach crew was in full force, and we were ready to party. Zo was there, which was a rarity, but he was there to support me and the other artists who had performed throughout the ZirZamin Residency. We reminisced about the nights at ZirZamin, the packed crowds, and the great performances. It was amazing to see how far we had all come. As the night went on, we filmed the various live acts that took the stage, including Easy Company, Cara Samantha, and many others. Each performer brought their unique sound to the stage, and the crowd couldn’t get enough. I felt proud to have created a live music platform for these artists to showcase their talents. The beer flowed freely all night long, and the energy in the room was electric. The crowd was a mix of familiar faces and new ones, all there to celebrate the top-voted artists of the residency. It was a night of music, laughter, and good times. Bringing people together through music and creating a community of artists who support each other. But the lingering feeling of an enflaming ego would soon become the very thing exposed with every sip of the cup.

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