The Infamous Boat Ride

After my previous boat ride with Maury and Coy, I was feeling a sense of nostalgia that I couldn’t shake. I wanted to remind myself of who I was and fuel my ego, despite having little to no money in my pocket. That’s when I hatched a plan to invite over 30 people to a VIP boat ride, guaranteeing their access without holding a ticket as my guests. As I gathered my family and friends on the West Side Highway, I could see the growing crowd of ticket holders waiting to board the boat. Uncertainty filled the air as my guests held their heads in anticipation of being denied entry. But as I approached the main entrance, something amazing happened. A hand raised up, splitting the waiting crowd in two, creating a pathway for my VIP guests to enter. One by one, they all came pouring in, astounded by the pull I had. We spent the night sailing around NYC, drinking, dancing, and having the time of our lives. It was a moment when the world nearly convinced me that I had nothing, but I felt as though I had everything. Surrounded by my loved ones and close friends, I realized that my connections and relationships were the true source of my power. It wasn’t about how much money I had in my pocket or the material possessions I owned. It was about the people who stood by me and believed in me. As we sailed around the city, taking in the stunning views of the skyline, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in who I had become. Although alcohol fueled, I would spend the night patting myself on the back, assuring myself that this would be a night spoken about for years to come.

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