The Gizzi's Drink Menu

I would spend some time alone, as the impact of what happened at the Apple Store remained an open wound. I began to realize the limits of my endeavors, and depression began to set in. I would find solace at Gizzi’s, where I continued to make my regular visits. You couldn’t put a price on feeling at home, and as long as the doors were open, it would remain an extension of me. Sitting by the window, I ate the same meal I was known for ordering upon my arrival. The owners would share their time between the office space upstairs and the outside area. I would be approached by them, drink menu in hand, asking me which alcoholic beverage I wanted to indulge in. Laughing at the request, I flip over the laminated plastic to reveal that a photo of me performing at Gizzi’s was used to decorate the drink section. Shocked, I become overwhelmed at my inclusion in this marketing plan. They speak a phrase they’ve often uttered, and remind me, “you’re going to be famous”. Having my face on the drink menu felt like having a statue in honor of me. I would walk into the space, immediately being recognized as “the guy”, and reap all the benefits associated with being a “local celebrity”. I’d bring dates, and pretend I was unaware of my face being plastered on every table. This move would help heal the embarrassment I previously felt, and give me the confidence I needed to move forward.

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