The Future, Now!

On New Year’s Day, I took a major step in my journey towards global domination: writing for the Dominate The Globe blog. It would also be the last day I’d ever work security in New York City. Just a month prior, I had begrudgingly accepted the job, as it was the only way to make ends meet. Although it wasn’t the ideal situation, it proved to be a temporary one, and a new opportunity had emerged just four months later. While working with the security company, I learned about their plans for expansion. I seized this opportunity and offered my services to create an online school that would train the next generation of guards. With the support of the higher-ups, I spent countless hours crafting the perfect presentation, examining every angle of my pitch, and calculating the potential dollar value that would be associated with this venture. I vividly recall the late nights and early mornings, hunched over my laptop, surrounded by stacks of papers and half-empty coffee cups. My passion for technology, the thirst for knowledge, and my commitment to my ever-growing skill set fueled my drive to make this project a success. Finally, the day came when I had to present my proposal to a room full of security professionals. The tension was palpable as I stood at the front of the room, my heart pounding in my chest. The weight of the opportunity and the responsibility I had taken on weighed heavily on my shoulders. Yet, as I began to speak, a sense of calm washed over me. A soft chuckle escaped my lips as I considered the stark contrast between my life just a few months prior and my present circumstances. I thought about how I had once angrily paced the lobby of the lavish hotel I was stationed at, cursing my circumstances, and questioning if I would ever be able to execute my vision for Dominate The Globe. Now, standing confidently in front of these professionals, I could see a different future unfolding before me. My words flowed smoothly as I passionately laid out my vision for the online school, my eyes shining with determination and purpose. As I finished my presentation, I took a deep breath and gazed around the room. The expressions of intrigue and interest on the faces before me made my heart swell with pride and excitement. The world was different now. I could feel the winds of change stirring, bringing with them the promise of something greater. The future was now, and it was lovely.

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