The Engagement Trip To PA

My brother would organize a retreat, deep in Pennsylvania, in celebration of our engagement. Taking the long drive allowed us to empty our minds of the chaos back home, and enjoy being in the moment. With multiple stops in our weekend itinerary, we touched down at our first destination: the shooting range. I won’t lie. Her experience with handling guns is vastly superior to mine, as having a previous relationship with an officer gave her the luxury of that knowledge. We purchased our ammo and headed for our section, where we would blast off our rounds in record time. Before long, we had managed to leave the group behind, walking into the woods to smoke a joint in our escape. Nature had brought to us a feeling of togetherness, and we stared at the sky with every exhale. The remainder of the trip would become quite the spectacle, featuring a seemingly haunted hotel, creepy diner, go-karts, and a casino. We took photos by the ski lodge without ever going skiing. We took photos at the ranch but never rode a horse. We toured a candle factory, said to be littered with the spirits of ancestors, and posed by the stream below, capturing a photo that would make any Hallmark card a best-seller. The time we spent together intensified my eagerness to move ahead with it all, and as everyone around me enjoyed our getaway, I patiently waited for us to go back home.

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