Before dawn, the alarm on my phone screamed through the silence of the house. 4:50 am. I silenced it, groggily pushed the sheets aside, and got up. I stumbled into the bathroom, my mind still thick with sleep, my body longing for the comfort of the bed. The hot water of the shower brought clarity, sloughed away the grogginess, and left me awake and alert. By 5:30 am, I was dressed and out the door, the darkness of the pre-dawn streets wrapping around me like a familiar friend, a friend I hadn’t seen in some time. The bleak, desolate streets, the lone streetlights scattered throughout, and the still, silent sky. It was a stark reminder of my overnight security job at the hotel, pacing through long, lonely nights, a time when the seeds of Dominate The Globe were just taking root in my mind. I’d used those shifts as a sounding board, a springboard, for my dreams and aspirations. Now, five months removed, the contrast between then and now was sharp. Now, the blog was up to date, thriving, a testament to my dedication and hard work. The gig I was heading to, a mid-sized conference, paid me in a single day what I’d made in a week at the hotel. The darkness gradually faded, yielding to the dawn’s gentle light. Despite my dislike of early mornings, there was a sense of deep gratitude welling up within me. I was no longer that man, pacing through the lonely hotel halls, or lost in a sea of alcohol and addiction. I was sober, focused, and dedicated. Every small victory, every seemingly insignificant event, only served to reinforce this change. Last night, I received a call from Storm, my mentor. He wanted me to put together a welcome back post for HAVOC, who had just come back from his tour. I’d spend an hour meticulously crafting a visually stunning video graphic, pouring over every detail, every frame. To see it reposted by HAVOC, one of the legends I’d grown up listening to alongside my brother, felt monumental. The fact that I was now working closely with the people who are considered icons, was not lost on me. It was a humbling reminder of the journey I had embarked on, the challenges I had overcome, and the mountains I still had to climb. I took a deep breath, feeling the quiet peace of the early morning around me. The world was still asleep, unaware of the whirlwind that was my life now. The fast-paced, surreal world of the blog, the breakneck speed of my career progression. It was all overwhelming but in the best possible way. As I walked through the gradually lightening streets, I couldn’t help but lift my hands and give thanks to the universe.

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