The Digital Producer

As I continued to navigate the rough waves of sobriety, I found myself in a transitional period with Kevin Donaldson and Flatbush Famous. The air was thick with anticipation as we prepared to record a live episode featuring Chris Holmes. Both the host and guest resided in different states, but technology had recently presented a solution that caught my attention: OBS Ninja. This tool would allow everyone to be tapped seamlessly into my digital production template, enabling me to run a session remotely from the safe haven of my own home. Kevin knew about my journey to get sober, but the depth of my alcoholism remained hidden from him. Fear gripped me tightly about facing the outside world, believing that the temptation lurking beyond the walls of my intimate family life would be too much to bear. However, with these tools available to me, I’d find comfort in knowing I could work privately. As soon as the recording session commenced, I found my stride. Seated before my laptop, I took a deep breath and launched OBS. The interface blinked to life, and I could see Kevin’s and Chris’s camera feeds as they joined the virtual session. In a ballet of clicks and key presses, I effortlessly switched back and forth between scenes, molding the live production into something uniquely Flatbush Famous. I was intoxicated by the prospect of creating long-format, attractive, and marketable podcasts with nothing but my laptop and the internet. The technology’s capabilities meant there was no longer a need for a studio setting, so I encouraged Kevin to start building his home studio. This new space would provide a consistent backdrop across every episode of Flatbush Famous, ensuring a polished and professional look for our growing brand. As I directed the digital production with precision, adjusting audio levels and overlaying graphics, I became lost in the process. The images of Kevin and Chris flowed together smoothly, making it feel as though they were in the same room rather than separated by state lines. The satisfaction of creating an engaging and visually captivating live podcast washed over me like a tidal wave, momentarily washing away any desire for a drink. In that brief instant, as I continued to manage the production, a glimmer of joy shone through the dark clouds that hung over my soul. I marveled at the new level of production I was entering and realized the power it held over my cravings. If only for a fleeting moment, my focus shifted from my own internal battles to the innovative and exciting world of digital podcasting.

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