The Change Of Fear

It was another quiet day, with the soft hum of productivity filling the air around me. I sat at my cluttered desk, surrounded by a multitude of monitors displaying various projects and ideas. Among them, my focus remained fixed on the pending completion of the “Change Your Mind: A Guide to Dreaming” Audio Book. It was a project that held immense significance for me, not only in terms of personal growth but also as a means to improve my financial situation. Lost in my thoughts, I combed over the text, searching for the perfect words to craft a compelling elevator pitch. I wanted to capture the essence of the book’s premise without delving into every intricate detail. Memories of my recent podcast appearances danced through my mind, their snippets of wisdom fueling my desire to present the book in the most captivating way possible. But amidst the chaos of my work, a familiar voice interrupted my concentration. It was my daughter, tugging at the fabric of my attention. With her innocent eyes and a page she had just finished coloring in her hands, she asked for my assistance in cutting out a crown. A simple request, yet it held the power to unlock an unexpected moment of clarity. As I sat down at the small pink table adorned with her art supplies, I reached for the crown and the scissors. In the past, any encounter with sharp objects had triggered a surge of nervous energy within me. These simple tasks, like washing dishes or trimming my mustache, would evoke a discomfort that bordered on irrational fear. Worst-case scenarios would play out vividly in my mind, dragging me down a rabbit hole of destructive “what ifs.” But yesterday, as I focused my attention entirely on cutting the intricate corners of the paper crown, something profound washed over me. I realized that these moments of terror, these imaginary fears, were symptoms of a deeper struggle—the belief that I was unworthy of the life I desired. The closer I came to becoming the best version of myself, the more these insidious thoughts infiltrated my psyche. In that moment, as the scissors glided effortlessly through the paper, I made a conscious decision. I refused to be held captive by my own insecurities any longer. I recognized that I deserved the life I longed for—the success, happiness, and fulfillment that awaited me. I embraced the positive energy that the universe had bestowed upon me and used it as a shield against the lingering doubts, negative thoughts, and self-sabotaging emotions that clung to my past. From that day forward, I vowed to dispel the remnants of my former self that sought to undermine my progress. With each passing moment, I would build upon my newfound clarity, harnessing it to propel myself forward on this journey of self-discovery and artistic pursuit. As I finished cutting the intricate crown, a smile spread across my face. It was a symbol not only of my daughter’s innocence and joy but also of the resilience and determination that now defined my path. I was worthy, and armed with this unwavering belief, I would continue conquering my demons and embracing the greatness that lay before me.

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