The Booking Process

I sat at the small kitchen table in Mikey Pop’s house, sipping on a steaming mug of coffee. The scent of freshly brewed beans filled the air, and I felt the warmth of the ceramic mug in my hands. We had been playing together for a while now, working on our Incubus tribute setlist, and finally, we were getting some traction. Mikey’s house had become the default meeting spot for our band, Morning View, and our inbox was flooded with emails from different venues around Long Island, each one wanting to feature our band. Mikey Pop had printed out all of the emails, and we were going through them one by one, trying to decide which gigs to take. I could feel the excitement building inside me as we read through each email. The thought of playing in front of a live audience, bringing the music of Incubus to life, was a dream come true. As we went through the emails, I looked out the window at the snow-covered yard. The flakes were falling gently from the sky, and I could see my breath fogging up the glass. For a moment, I closed my eyes and imagined a world where I could sing in this band forever, living vicariously through this band that I loved so much. It was a beautiful dream, one that seemed within reach. We eventually settled on a few gigs, and Mikey Pop started sending out our replies. I could feel the excitement building inside me as we planned out our schedule. We would spend even more time rehearsing, getting our sound even tighter, and then take over the Long Island tribute band scene.

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