Mikey Pop, a retired NYPD officer, had done his due diligence in researching the capabilities of my voice. Ever-inviting, he opened his home to me, where we would rehearse as a band for the first time. Our passion for Incubus was at an all-time high, and we carefully crafted a band that would replicate the sound we had known and loved for so many years. The Long Island scene was brand new to me. The hole-in-the-wall bars and cafes that littered the NYC acoustic scene began to seem small, and a burgeoning new opportunity made itself available. Tribute bands, an alternative to cover bands, are dedicated replicas, and I would learn about the culture in no time. Each tribute, booked at local stages in the Long Island area, shared the stage with other tributes, creating a wishlist of potential opportunities for us. We dubbed ourselves “Morning View”, as the light shining in from Mike’s property line was eerily reminiscent of what I had seen in the “Wish You Were Here” video. Seemingly a prophecy fulfilled, I used this blessing to drop my guitar and focus on my mic work, which would be essential in developing my sound as an original artist. We rehearsed until we were ready, and on December 1st, took the stage for the very first time. I was anxious and nervous, but I gave my all to a crowd of Incubus fans, who undoubtedly loved every moment of our cherry-popping performance.

Morning View Debut Show

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