We sat in the outdoor seating area of a nearby restaurant, and my mind drifted back to last night’s festivities. The sun had set over San Diego, casting a warm, orange glow on the city as we entered the stadium for the Bad Bunny concert. The air buzzed with anticipation and excitement, the energy of the crowd palpable. Even though we were miles away from our daughter, the anxiety that had been gnawing at me all day seemed to subside, if only for a moment. I glanced at Brenna, her eyes lighting up as we found our seats amidst the sea of fans. As the concert began, the music washed over us, a tidal wave of sound and emotion. Brenna lost herself in the rhythm, her body swaying and her voice joining in the chorus of fans singing along. I couldn’t help but smile at her joy, feeling a surge of love for the woman who had been by my side through it all. However, as the songs continued, I found myself slipping into a more contemplative state. I stood there, taking in the sight of Bad Bunny on stage, commanding the attention of thousands of people. My eyes drifted from the artist to the audience, observing the connection between them. The way they chanted his real name, “Benito,” struck me deeply. Despite his elaborate branding and carefully crafted persona, it was the genuine human being behind the music that resonated with the crowd. I couldn’t help but see a reflection of my own dreams in the young Puerto Rican artist who had climbed his way to the top of the entertainment industry. I thought about my own journey – the struggles I had faced, the demons I had conquered, and the passion that still burned within me. My heart swelled with a mix of inspiration and determination, as I started to envision what it would take to elevate my own career to such a global scale. The stadium lights danced across Brenna’s face as she sang and moved to the beat, completely immersed in the experience. I admired her at that moment, grateful for the support she had always provided me. The concert continued, but I remained deep in thought, the music providing the soundtrack to the blueprint forming in my mind. I could feel the beast inside me awakening, hungry for the success I had always known I was destined for. We had come to San Diego to enjoy a brief escape from our responsibilities, but I left with so much more – a fire ignited within me, ready to conquer the world and ensure that my name would be remembered, just as Bad Bunny’s was that night.

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