In the week following the jubilation of my birthday, I embarked on a quest that transcended mere aspiration—it was a call to share a trove of enlightenment with the globe. Thus, the foundation of the new online school under the Dominate The Globe platform was laid, an embodiment of my relentless pursuit of knowledge and the desire to disseminate it. Each course, meticulously structured into four modules with four lessons apiece, was a testament to the comprehensiveness and depth of this endeavor. The realization hit me like a bolt of lightning—the wisdom I was eager to impart was the very wisdom I found myself consulting daily. This acknowledgment did not deter me; rather, it fueled my commitment to the cause, reminding me that the journey of learning is eternal, and in teaching, I continue to learn. This reservoir of knowledge, a download into my consciousness from my last profound DMT experience, was not merely information; it was enlightenment that sought to bridge worlds. With utmost transparency, I shared the origin of this wisdom, for in honesty lies the true connection with the audience. It was a declaration that, despite my imperfections, the pursuit of sharing and growth was undeterred. I am no guru, merely a flawed man navigating through the complexities of existence. Yet, it is through these imperfections that the school was born—a platform that leverages empathy to weave a thread of connectivity across the vastness of our shared human experience. Embarking on this venture alone has been a tremendous task. The countless hours poured into the creation of the school are a testament to the labor of love it has become. However, it is in the solitude of this journey that the essence of the lessons I aim to impart is crystallized: the realization that the genesis and culmination of our quests lie within ourselves.

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