Tensions Building

The tension within the band had been building up for weeks, and it was becoming harder and harder to ignore. Frustration musically was one thing, but now a battle for the “management” position was beginning to tear us apart internally. We were all passionate about the music, but as we gained more recognition, it became clear that someone needed to take charge of the business side of things. I knew my role going into it. I was the one who would provide as much marketing support as possible and advertise us as a band to the local New York City scene. After all, that was my scene. But the Long Island scene was their scene, and with a long history of bands before Morning View, founding members would begin a tug of war over who would run the band’s business operations. At first, we tried to make it work. We held meetings, made lists, and even tried to rotate the role of “manager” between us. But as the weeks went on, it became clear that we needed someone to take charge. I wanted to step up, but I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. One night, after a particularly intense rehearsal, we all sat down for a drink at a local bar. The tension was palpable, and we all knew something had to give. We talked about our goals, our dreams, and what we wanted to achieve as a band. It was then that I realized that we all had the same endgame in mind, but we just couldn’t agree on how to get there. After a few more drinks, we decided to take a break from rehearsing and focus solely on the business side of things. We agreed to meet again in a few days to finalize our plan. I left the bar feeling optimistic, but also nervous. I knew that the next few days would be crucial for the future of our band.

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